Sandwich Gardens

Spokane, Washington

Regular Sandwiches
All regular sandwiches are served with mayonnaise, lettuce & tomato
on your choice of French, Marble Rye or Cracked Wheat bread. Mustards, sweet hot mustard & horseradish are available on request.
                                 Whole   $9.05            Half   $6.35         

Choose your meat and cheese combinations:
Ham                                                     Cranberry Creamed Cheese
Turkey Breast                                     Regular Creamed Cheese
Roast Beef                                           Cheddar Cheese
Bacon                                                   Swiss cheese
Spicy Indian Tofu                             Herbed olive cream cheese
Curried Chicken Salad                     Provolone Cheese


Any of our sandwiches can also be made in a wrap, one size only.
Subtract .40 cents from the half sandwich price.

                                                 ADDITIONAL ITEMS

FRESH WHOLE DILL PICKLE                                            $1.50

VARIETY OF CHIPS                                                                $1.00

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