Sandwich Gardens

Spokane, Washington

For the last 38 years we have been offering much more than our regular menu shows. Our customized catering has an unlimited menu that is available for 2 to 1000 people. The following lists cover many of the items we offer, but we can also take your personal recipes and prepare any amounts you need for your functions. Please call 509-625-3363 to receive ideas and prices for your wedding, graduation, business meeting, reunion, or any special party or event.  We deliver to Chewelah, Cheney, and Coeur d lene on a regular basis, so don't be afraid to ask us to bring our quality home made food to your doorstep.

NOTE: There will be a charge for all advance orders & caters that are not cancelled at least 48 hours before stated delivery time.


Finger Sandwiches (numerous kinds)
Meat and cheese trays                                    Tiger shrimp (THE BEST)
Breads and spreads                                          Satay chicken skewers
Vegetable trays                                                  Fruit skewers
Fruit Trays                                                           Italian skewers
Sweet & sour meatballs                                  Chocolate dipped strawberrys 
German sausage BBQ sauce                          Deviled eggs
Stuffed Mushrooms  ( THE BEST)            Bacon wrapped watermelon 
Angels on horseback                                       Chips and salsa



Muffins                                           Bagels                                  Cinnamon rolls
Scones                                             Danish                                 Donuts
Croissants                                      Coffee cake

Scrambled eggs                           Quiches (variety)            Potato dishes
Bacon                                               Sausage                              Ham

Fresh fruit                                      Yogurt                              

Coffee & Teas                               Fruit juice                        Bottled water  



 (Anything listed on our regular lunch menu can of course, also be used for any type of cater, at any time of day) 

All of our lunch items listed on our regular menu are offered for more than a few people, in a family style format.  Trays of sandwiches, bowls of salads, kettles of home made soup, trays of desserts, and iced beverages are what we do mostly.  Family style formats come with a lessened price tag, so please inquire on these costs.

However, we are also able to offer many other thing, when a few days advanced notice is given to us.  The following lists some of the additional cater items we can do for your lunch function, with advanced notice.

Meat, cheese, breads, and spreads trays to make your own lunch
              (available  with cold or hot roasted meats)

Meat Lasagna                                                    Vegetarian Lasagna 
Baked chicken fetticini Alfredo                Chicken parmesan
Baked potato bar                                             Beef stew
Chicken pot pie                                                Pulled pork sandwiches
Pasta dishes                                                       Rice dishes
BBQ ribs & chicken                                        Many salads
Homemade baked beans                             Potato salad
Oriental stir fries                                             Specialty cold soups
Taco bar                                                              Egg salad
Taco salads                                                        Chicken salad
Reubens                                                              Caesar salads with (Grilled steak,
                                                                                    Chicken or Shrimp)

And of course, just about anything your needs require, we will create for you and your guests.


(All of the salads or anything that is listed on the home page menu board, and the above breakfast & lunch items are also available for catered events as side dishes or main entrees) 

Prime rib w/ au jus & horse radish sauce        Chicken Picata
Baron of beef w/ beef brandy cream                Chicken Marsala
                                                                                           Thai sticky chicken
Pork tenderloin w/ cranberry clove sauce    Wine broiled chicken
Hawaiian Ham                                                             BBQ chicken
Tiger Shrimp & avacado in an herbed creamy sauce
Garlic buttered grilled tiger Shrimp on skewers
Grilled or Baked Salmon w/lemon & tarter

Twice baked sour cream & cheddar potatoes
Roasted red potatoes with rosemary
Vegetable medley (steamed or grilled)                              
Grilled aspargus spears with parmesian cheese

Please remember you can mix and match any foods we offer from any of our menus, or come up with something you want us to do.   Please call us for current catering prices and portions.  We will work with you to make any budget work for all of us, and thank you for your time.                      


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