Sandwich Gardens

Spokane, Washington

2628 W. 8TH
Spokane, WA  99224

Hours:  7 AM to 4 PM - Monday through Friday

PHONE: 509-625-3363
FAX: 509-625-3361

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

We are committed to preparing fresh, creative and delicious food for your enjoyment.  Vegan and gluten free options available.

Please give us 24 hour notice for your order.

Full service catering available

Ask us about  Eat Well This Week program.

Ask us about our on site dining room for private parties.

We welcome your orders for deliveries or pick up. 
Delivery fee based on size of order, distance traveled and complexity of order. 
$75.00 minimum order for delivery.

Please call 625-3363 to place an order.

Now take a look at our menu items and get ready for a great meal, we truly look forward to serving you !!!!
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